10 More Reuse Ideas for Food Packaging

Upcycled cans for desktop organization.

7. Sip from the jar

Need a few extra drinking glasses for your kitchen? Don’t run to the store! Gather up some glass jars of varying sizes, like those from tomato sauce, pickles, salsa and preserves and start sipping from those instead.

After you’ve removed the labels, your glass jars become elegant (and slightly eclectic) accents for everyday meals, outdoor fiestas or casual entertaining. Our tip: Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole in the jar lid. Then, screw it on and insert a reusable straw to take your favorite drink with you on the go.

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Drinking from a repurposed jar is sustainable and cute!

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8. Get creative with plastic containers

Only some plastic food containers can be reused to store food (check our safety guide). Those that are safe for reuse are perfect for storing leftovers in your fridge or sending them home with guests after your next shindig.

Use containers that aren’t recommended for repeated use with food as storage solutions in the garage and kids’ rooms. Pack old plastic peanut butter jars, butter tubs and yogurt containers with nails, bolts, screws and other small items from the work bench, or use your plastic tubs to store the kids’ building blocks and small toys.

If you’re planning a picnic, camping trip or beach excursion this summer, you can also save some cash by using your small- to medium-sized plastic containers as DIY ice packs. Simply fill your container with water, seal the lid, place in the freezer and pack in your lunchbox before leaving in the morning. These ice packs are great for bumps and bruises, too!

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