Supermarket Secret: You Can Buy Half a Cabbage

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In the produce section at Whole Foods, store representatives are happy to cut smaller portions for customers of items that are sold by weight. Photo: Whole Foods Market

One of Whole Foods’ Core Values is to satisfy and delight shoppers, and allowing customers to purchase only what they need is one way they do that.

“We understand that not every consumer is looking for the same size or amount of product, and that by offering this service, we can provide our guests with exactly what they’re looking for,” Kevin Doty, Associate Global Produce Coordinator for Whole Foods, told Earth911 in an email.

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Stephan Rosales, the Produce Assistant Team Leader at a Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas, cuts broccoli for a customer.

In addition to cabbage, other items that the store often cuts for customers are winter squash and cauliflower. Celery, broccoli and daikon radish are also common candidates for being cut into smaller portions, Doty explained. If you’re looking to buy smaller pieces or portions of fruit, Doty also suggests looking to prepackaged cut fruits like pineapple, papaya and berries. What you need may already be pre-cut.

What Whole Foods does with the remaining halves of things varies by location. “Each store has different policies and practices due to our decentralized nature, but we try to avoid waste by providing produce for pre-pack produce and also share produce with our prepared foods section,” Doty said.

If you’re at Whole Foods and want to buy half of something that is sold by weight, all you have to do is ask a produce representative to cut it for you.

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