10 Things to Recycle for Charity

Sure, you can extend the life of your recyclables by tossing them in the curbside bin, but did you know your trash can also benefit charitable causes? A whopping 72 percent of Earth911 readers said they would be more likely to recycle if it benefited charity, according to our informal homepage poll. So, to help you give back with your throw-aways, Earth911 rounded up this list of 10 common household items you can recycle for charity, conserving natural resources and making a difference in your community.

Homepage Image: Soles4Souls

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Mary Mazzoni


  1. One problem with giving away shoes or other “stuff” to third world countries is that it destroys their economies. The person that used to sell shoes in Tanzania now has to compete with a do good non-profit that is giving their product away for free. What would happen to your business if someone started giving away the product you are selling? We need to re-think how we do this!

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