Earth Day Info: The 411 on 4/22

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While celebrations for the 39th annual Earth Day are still weeks away, excitement for this year’s event is building. The need to green our lifestyles and embrace the three R’s seems to have reached the tipping point in many parts of the country.

Businesses, the public and the government are recognizing the need to make changes sooner rather than later, and this year’s Earth Day is the perfect forum to highlight the possibilities of our green future.

San Francisco's Green Apple Festival is just one of thousands of Earth Day events for the public. Photo:

San Francisco's Green Apple Festival is just one of thousands of Earth Day events for the public. Photo:

The Earth Day 2009 Channel is a great way to get plugged into activities in your community this year. You can also check out the Earth Day Network’s (EDN) site, which also highlights major events taking place around the country.

Get Involved

  • The National Mall in Washington, D.C. will host a huge event on April 19. The event will feature live music, guest speakers and environmental activities, reminding us that there’s nothing more patriotic than a commitment to the environment.
  • New York City’s Central Park Conservancy is hosting an Earth Day Celebration on April 26. Besides being the perfect venue for a spring picnic, there will be mulching and planting projects within the park, environmental education and live music.
  • Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo will host this year’s Green Apple Festival. Last year, 40,000 participants gathered to celebrate and call for government action on climate change.
  • Discovery Green Park in Houston is hosting Earth Day Houston, “A green living festival focused on the merits of mindful, sustainable living while educating and encouraging Houstonians to preserve, conserve and enhance [the] city and earth.” Local musical performances, educational programs and even a farmers market will grace the park on April 11.
  • San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Park will also host a Green Apple Festival (notice the park theme here), with speakers, park-tending activities and a free concert on April 19. If you’re looking to get out of the city, the California State Parks Association is hosting a statewide restoration and cleanup of all the state parks on April 25.
  • EDN and its Green Generation Campaign is a great way to get involved in a two-year initiative designed to focus the nation’s energy and resources on addressing climate change, which will culminate on 2010’s 40th Earth Day celebration.
  • If you can’t find a local Earth Day event, organize one! Take advantage of Earth911’s Earth Day Channel to get tips, learn how to recycle at your event or promote it. From Santa Rosa, Calif. to Raleigh, N.C., there are thousands of local events to attend and countless ways to get involved.

Want to do more?

Take a pledge on the Earth Day Channel today, follow Earth911 on Twitter or get involved in the conversation during Earth Day’s National Conversation on Climate Action. The event is scheduled to take place simultaneously in hundreds of cities across the country on April 22.

The goal is to bring communities together to discuss climate action and develop local strategies for creating change. You can search the site and volunteer to attend or host an event in your community.

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  1. One thing I just learned is that Earth Day predates the EPA, which was formed in December 1970. It’s also older than Keep America Beautiful’s “Crying Indian” ad, which debuted in 1971. That really puts things into perspective as to how ahead of its time Earth Day was.

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