Get Over Your Post-Earth Day Slump

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Having trouble getting motivated after the Earth Day festivities have come to an end? Simple daily eco habits can spice up your green life. Photo: Flickr/morgacasey

It has been one week since Earth Day, so you may be feeling down with the end of the excitement and buildup.  But, you don’t have to catch the post-Earth Day blues.

“We think it’s important to continue the Earth Day momentum because it really is a day that makes people stop and think. If we can build on that, than we have the impetus to get people to have a big impact,” says Abby Ray, communications coordinator for Rainforest Alliance.

Here are five things you can do today to revive your Earth Day energy:

1. Shop for sustainable goods. From coffee, to chocolate, to flowers, you can search for products that have low-impact on the Earth. The Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to global sustainability, is one place to start looking for sustainable products and ideas. The organization’s certified seal appears on products that come from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

2. Become an expert on your community’s recycling guidelines. If you’re reading this article, you probably recycle.  But your community’s recycling program may have some nuances that aren’t conspicuous. For instance, many programs don’t accept plastic bottle caps or shredded paper in the recycling bin. For recycling guidelines, call your municipality or check out its website. Finding out the small things could go a long way in ensuring the success of your community’s recycling program.

3. Learn about energy savers. Install a low-flow showerhead, wrap an insulating jacket around your water heater and buy compact fluorescent bulbs. These are all inexpensive ways that can significantly cut carbon emissions. Besides turning off electronics and appliances when not in use, start getting in the habit of unplugging them as well – especially those things that are hardly used, like the lamps in the spare bedroom. Learn more about vampire power.

4. Green your social networking. Become a fan of an environmental group on Facebook, like World Wildlife Fund. On Twitter, follow the latest green tweets from organizations like the Endangered Species Coalition and The Nature Conservancy. Start a blog if you’re feeling ambitious, and write in detail about your top environmental concerns. Or if you’re camera-savvy, take pictures at an eco-friendly event in your area and post them on Flickr. Also, don’t forget to check out Earth911 on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

5. Ditch the disposables when not needed. By now, you may have made it a habit to use canvas grocery bags instead of plastic. But, how about those plastic vegetable bags you used only one time for two tomatoes or one onion? Look for reusable, washable mesh bags instead. Some grocery stores sell them now, as well as online companies such as But if you forget your reusables, don’t fret. Most major grocers now offer in-store recycling for plastic bags and film.

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