INFOGRAPHIC: Greenest U.S. States


Have you ever wondered how your home state measures up when it comes to sustainability? Well, green building consulting firm Buildings Guide may have your answer.

This year, the firm assessed all 50 U.S. states on three criteria – toxic waste production, alternative energy moves and carbon footprint – and compiled a list of the top 10 “greenest” states in the nation.

Vermont came out on top, with a carbon footprint of 6.4 million metric tons – less than half that of its closest competitor, South Dakota, with 13.7 million metric tons.

Idaho made marks for meeting a whopping 84.5 percent of its energy needs with alternative sources, while Nevada and Hawaii tied for the least toxic waste produced – 987 tons.

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Check out the infographic below to learn more about American recycling and see how your state stacked up.

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Infographic by Buildings Guide

Feature image courtesy of Bart

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