Be a Recycling Volunteer in Colorado, New York, New Orleans

From thrift stores to community outreach, recycling-based volunteering is easier than ever! National Volunteer Week started on April 10, and what better way to get involved than with one of the top recycling opportunities around the country.

In Colorado?

Eco-Thrift is a community-based thrift store in Fort Collins, Colo. Different from traditional thrift stores, Eco-Thrift partners with local businesses to and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and keep items out of landfills. They are also volunteer powered.

VOLUNTEER: Eco-Thrift is looking for general volunteers in all of their departments including: appliances, clothing, furniture, outdoor gear, sportswear, household, garden and vintage clothing.

  • They are also looking for Zero Waste/Recycling Volunteers with help:
  • Reorganizing the recycling department
  • Sorting recyclables
  • Finding other ways to recycle materials

In New York?

Grow NYC is a nonprofit program dedicated to helping keep New York City green through recycling, waste reduction and community activities.

VOLUNTEER: Grow NYC is looking for volunteers to help them as they reach the five boroughs encouraging recycling and showing members of the community the newest tips and tricks so the city can be even better. Some of the activities include:

  • Kingsborough Eco-Festival—Saturday, April 16
  • South Bronx Earth-Fest—Saturday, April 16
  • Stuyvesant Square Green Day—Saturday, April 16 and Sunday April 17

In New Orleans?

The Green Project is a recycling hub in the Bywater/St. Roch area. They sell salvaged materials from deconstructed buildings, including paint, lumber and bricks, to avoid them ending up in landfills. The Green Project is also an e-waste drop off.

VOLUNTEER: Opportunities include:

  • Deconstructing, measuring, and organizing architectural salvage to be put back to use
  • Mixing donated paint to create 100 percent recycled paint
  • Creating raised bathtub gardens
  • Attend community events to raise awareness

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