100+ Ways to Reuse Thrift Store Finds

100+ Ways to reuse and repurpose

Shopping at thrift stores, secondhand boutiques and garage sales in your area is a great way to avoid buying new items – saving both cash and virgin resources. Buying secondhand also helps prevent useful items from heading to the landfill, which carries obvious environmental benefits. But, as any thrift store addict will tell you, secondhand finds can often pile up quickly before you find a way to repurpose them. To give you a helping hand in your reuse revolution, Earth911 assembled this list of common thrift store finds, along with more clever and crafty ways to reuse them.

1. 20 Creative Ways to Reuse Milk Jugs

Plastic milk jugs reused as Halloween decorations

Image courtesy of Eighteen 25.

2. 7 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Pillows


Image courtesy of Kim Love

3. Cheers: 8 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

8 creative ways to reuse old wine corks

Image courtesy of Christina B Castro

4. 10 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Bed Sheets

10 ways to reuse and repurpose bed sheets

Image courtesy of Cama

5. 10 Simple Reuse Projects in 30 Minutes or Less

DIY scrabble coasters

Image courtesy of Dollar Store Crafts

6. 5 Fun Ways to Reuse Shampoo Bottles
5 Ways to reuse shampoo and lotion bottles

7. 7 Ways to Reuse an Aluminum Pie Pan

how to reuse an old pie pan

Image courtesy of Happy Krissy

8. 10 Creative Ways to Reuse Office Supplies

10 ways to reuse office supplies

Image courtesy of Jeremy Brooks

9. 8 Ways to Reuse Your Cans

8 Ways to Reuse Your Cans

Image courtesy of Ishikawa Ken

10. 8 Ways to Reuse an Old T-Shirt

8 ways to reuse an old t-shirt

Image courtesy of reb

11. 6 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

6 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Some variations include cutting a bottle lengthwise to create a clutch purse. Along those lines you could find a two-liter bottles and make a larger pocketbook. Photo: Paris Tsitsos for Zitta Schnitt Designs

Feature image: Sibylle/Funkytime

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