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Super Secret Hideout

Image courtesy of How To Do Stuff/Aud1073cH

Image courtesy of How To Do Stuff/Aud1073cH

We saved the best for last. No matter if you are eight years old or 80, everyone needs a secret place to stash valuables, candy, data, childhood objects, and the like. The book hideout turns your library into a secret stash for valuables.

Hardback books work best in this scenario to provide support for your belongings and a rigid cutting surface.

Also, if you have in mind what you’d like to stash in the new hideout, take a moment to select a book that will fully accommodate these valuables. You won’t cut out all the pages in the book, so keep that in mind as well as you select books based on their thickness.

The How To Do Stuff tutorial gives step-by-step instructions that look relatively easy to follow — just make sure to allow time for various drying cycles throughout the project.

Editor’s note: Originally published on January 17, 2011, this article was updated in January 2019.


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  1. These are great ideas! I’ve done the secret hollow book before using the same tutorial you referenced. Be warned that it takes a really LONG time to cut out all of those pages. The wreath looks rad. I’ll try that next.

  2. I am a purse freak, I still cry a little inside when my daughter carries one of my favs that I passed on to her cause she loved it, and I love her more than the purse. But this is awsome, I am determined to do this. Now I just have to find the perfect book, which is hard because I love to read and have a hard time getting rid of any of the ones I have, even for trade. Funny huh

  3. When I first saw the title to this article, I thought “Are these people NUTS?” But then I saw the beautiful and quirky results and was simply tickled. Unfortunately, not all books can be salvaged, sold, and / or rescued. These projects bring a fun life to books that have LITERALLY failed the test of time.

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