Battery Recycling Hits Record High

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Despite a down economy, battery recycling is at an all-time high. According to Call2Recycle, battery recycling collection saw a 6.9 percent increase, and Call2Recycle collected 6.1 million pounds of rechargeable batteries in 2009.

Call2Recycle attributes the increased efforts by major retailers, including The Home Depot, Apple Computer, RadioShack, Lowe’s, Interstate All Battery Center and RONA. Together, these organizations collected 20 percent more batteries for recycling in 2009 than in 2008.

Best Buy Battery Recycling Drop

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“Despite last year’s lower sales of batteries and the products that use them, we’re recycling more batteries than ever thanks to retailers that have embraced their role as environmental stewards,” says Carl Smith, president and CEO of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle.

“By using our recycling program to divert millions of pounds of solid waste from local landfills, businesses and consumers alike are making a statement that environmental sustainability is a priority, regardless of the economy.”

No matter what kind of battery you use, recycling them at their end of life is key to preventing pollution and recapturing valuable metals to be reused.

Because of their materials, these batteries may or may not be considered hazardous waste in different states. So, you should always check with your local government health, solid waste or recycling department before you consider their disposal.

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