BornFree Introduces Recyclable Baby Bottle

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Baby bottle maker BornFree is selling a new line of recyclable baby bottles and is setting up a national recycling program to collect these bottles and turn them into toys and furniture.

Maker of baby bottles and cups BornFree recently announced its new line of recyclable baby bottles and the launch of a national recycling program for these baby bottles.

Like BornFree’s original baby bottles, the new eco-friendly bottles are free of chemicals Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, as well as the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The new bottles are made from new, unused materials and available in 5 or 9 ounces.

The main difference between BornFree’s original bottles and the new line of eco-friendly bottles is the new bottles’ recyclability. When families no longer need the bottles, they can be returned to BornFree to be recycled into toys, furniture and utensils.

BornFree is in the process of establishing collection centers for the bottles at retailers that sell BornFree products, Babies ‘R Us, Target, BuyBuyBaby and Bed Bath & Beyond. In the mean time, customers can mail in bottles to the company and receive free postage by registering their return on BornFree’s website.

“BornFree has always been committed to a baby’s health and well-being; now we’re also committed to preserving the earth’s precious resources,” said Ron Vigor, president and co-founder of BornFree.

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