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Buddha Fresh Air Freshener

Smells are incredibly evocative – they can bring us back to childhood memories, remind us of people who have long since left this world, and help us relive cherished experiences. It’s no wonder so many are concerned about what their homes smell like- after all, no one wants to walk in the door and be reminded of a locker room, or a hamster cage. The desire to have a good-smelling home is so strong, in fact, that Americans spend 1.7 billion dollars a year on sprays. plug-ins, and scented candles which promise to make our homes smell sweet again.

I can’t fault anyone for wanting to spruce up their digs, but the way we are going about it is all wrong. Commercially available fragrance sprays trash indoor air quality because they typically contain carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, and known toxins which can aggravate asthma and negatively impact reproductive development.

If this wasn’t depressing enough, once you’re done spritzing the heck out of your pad, you then have to dispose of the product – throw out the aerosol spray can, ditch the plastic housing of a plug-in, or figure out what to do with another empty candle.

My last complaint about air fresheners is a personal one, but I know I’m not alone in this: they stink. I’m sorry, but I have smelled many a spring breeze in my day and never have they smelled like the chemical stew that comes out of these commercial products. Ditto to “open meadow” and “fresh laundry”. Just…stop. Yuck!

Buddha Fresh Air Freshener

Buddha Fresh: A Natural Alternative To Chemical Air Fresheners… Eliminates Odors, Bio-Degradable, Non-Toxic, And Lasts Up To Two Years.

Of course, you know I’m not going to endlessly rant about what we’re doing wrong without talking about how to do better! This time, it’s a cute product with a great name, entirely recyclable from start to finish. Meet Buddha Fresh, the air freshener that doesn’t just bury odors under a layer of chemical nonsense, but absorbs them in order to eliminate them completely.

The Buddha Fresh bag is filled with bamboo charcoal, and you don’t need to spritz it, light it, plug it in or turn it on – just sit the little bag wherever the stink is, and it will get to work passively absorbing bad odors, leaving your home, car, or sneakers smelling not like “summer rain” at all, but just….clean instead.

Each Buddha Fresh bag is designed to be a fabulous odor-buster for up to two years, and when it does need to be replaced, the bag can be composted and the bamboo charcoal added to your garden, leaving behind absolutely no trace of its existence (other than a sweet-smelling home, that is.)

This ingenious idea comes to you, like all good things these days, courtesy of a Kickstarter project. Originally hoping to raise $5,000, Buddha Fresh brass more than tripled that goal and ended up collecting over $16,000 to get this passion project off the ground.  I’m hoping this little idea catches on in a big way.  The sooner we can ditch the artificial scents and sprays, the sooner we can get back to smelling real things.

Fresh air. Real rain. And best of all, the sweet scent of sustainability.

Buddha Fresh

Images courtesy of Buddha Fresh

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