bowl of cookie batter, wooden spoon
homemade vanilla extract
Photo: Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

Vanilla Extract

If you’ve run out of vanilla extract, your current baking project might come to a halt because vanilla isn’t something you can whip up at home in a matter of minutes. You could try using another flavored extract, if you have one on hand. It is also possible to make your own vanilla extract for the future, though. And if you do, you may never buy vanilla at the store again. Real vanilla extract can get pretty pricey, so your wallet certainly won’t mind.

Heather Poire of the vegan cooking and baking blog Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes put together a step-by-step homemade vanilla extract tutorial. All you’ll need are whole vanilla bean pods, vodka, and containers for storage. Plus, this would be a great opportunity to use up some of the vodka left over from your last party.

Visit Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes to learn how you can ensure your kitchen is always stocked with vanilla extract.

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