Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Your Home Remodel

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Photo: Viridian Wood

Photo: Viridian Wood

5. Shipping containers

Shipping container homes are all the rage in the green building sphere, but you don’t have to make your whole house out of reclaimed containers to get in on the action.

Portland-based Viridian Wood offers a wide variety of flooring, decking, counters and other architectural products made from reclaimed shipping crates, pallets and scrap lumber discarded at local docks.

The lovely mixed-wood look is sure to attract some attention, and you’ll rest easy knowing your choice came with a much lighter footprint than standard virgin lumber.

For shoppers outside the West Coast, check out Missouri-based Elmwood Reclaimed Timber or Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, which offers showrooms across the U.S. Neither seller utilizes shipping containers for flooring, but both offer a variety of reclaimed materials – from barnwood to recycled chestnut.

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