6 Tips for Gardening in the Fall

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3. Start a cool-weather container garden

Starting a few fruit, vegetable and herb plants in containers is an easy way to keep your garden going well into the winter months.

Everything from broccoli to cucumbers can be grown in containers and hanging baskets — provided the pot you choose is large enough to support fully grown plants. Check out this container gardening guide for tips on choosing the right containers, setting up your garden and caring for your plants.

Keep your potted plants outdoors as long as possible, but be sure to bring them inside before the first hard frost. As long as your container garden receives plenty of light, you’ll enjoy a bountiful mid-winter harvest.

4. Clear your fields first

Before planting fall vegetables, it’s very important to clear out any detritus materials that remain in your garden from summer plantings. While it may seem like these materials would simply provide extra food for your freshly planted veggies, decayed material is the perfect breeding ground for insects and other pests.

To avoid pest problems, place spent debris on your compost pile, where it will transform into nutrient-rich soil supplement and any remaining pests will die off without harming your plants.

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