Get Schooled In Corkology: Corkology Solid Wine Cork Stopper Patio Set

Corkology Stool Set

Cork is a 100% natural, recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable resource. Its uses extend far beyond bottle stoppers and bulletin boards.

Corkology is one company that has set out to use cork in very unique ways. They make the traditional items; bulletin boards, coasters, and mouse pads, but they are also moving far beyond that, venturing into wine racks, jewelry, and furniture as well! One item that I find particularly awesome is the Solid Wine Cork Stopper Patio Set.

Corkology Stool Set

I was blown away when I first saw these cork stools in person. I figured there had to be some material inside making up the core with a bunch of corks on the outside just to look cool. Nope. These stools are solid cork all the way through.

Each stool in this set is made up of approximately 2,300 corks. All those corks represent about $35,000 in wine. Add the two stools with the table and you end up with over 7,000 corks and over $110,000 in consumed wine.  That’s a lot of wine! Corkology has built relationships with wine stores, restaurants, and grocery stores across the U.S.

Each stool sits about 18 inches high and 14 inches in diameter. At 5’7” I found these stools to be quite comfortable to sit on. The stools weigh about 25 pounds and are relatively easy to move. I personally didn’t have a problem picking them up and moving them around in the room. And, if you don’t feel like picking them up just tip them over and roll them around.

The top and bottom are flat so it would be easy to stack them on top of each other if storage is an issue.

As far as keeping them clean, just wipe down the top with your favorite eco-friendly cleaner every so often. The sides have lots of small holes but some simple dusting should keep them clean.

They would make a great addition to your patio or balcony, or even your boat. Though I haven’t personally tested this, Corkology claims these stools will float.

So go ahead, toss them in the lake and float around.




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