9 Ways to Refinish Wooden Furniture


Photo: Kelli/Lolly Jane


The vintage look of distressed furniture is popular right now, and it turns out it’s not too challenging to do.

Kelli, who blogs at Lolly Jane with her twin sister Kristi, offers an accessible tutorial explaining how to distress an old, wooden chair using just spray paint and a sander. You’ll need to sand the wood to prepare it for painting, apply spray paint and then once the paint is dry use the sander (or sandpaper) again to remove some of the new paint. Kelli recommends removing the paint in areas that would naturally wear over time, in this case on the front legs of the chair and along the back where someone would lean against the wood.

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  1. Refinish the old wooden furniture is indeed a very good idea. Wooden made furniture is best among all furniture materials. While you refinishing your wooden furniture, you probably thinking about paint and stains. Thanks Kathryn for posting this amazing guide here.

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