9 Ways to Refinish Wooden Furniture

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Photo: Sherry Petersik/Young House Love

Latex Paint

Using traditional latex paint is another easy way to give old furniture a fresh look. Sherry Petersik of Young House Love put together a tutorial that explains the process is detail, which will ensure your furniture’s new look is both stylish and durable.

Petersik writes on the blog that a fresh coat of white paint can turn a furniture piece from thrift store quality to an item worthy of much pricier venues. To try it out yourself, you’ll need to prep the wood by sanding it (sandpaper will work fine), prime it and then paint it with a brush or foam roller.

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  1. Refinish the old wooden furniture is indeed a very good idea. Wooden made furniture is best among all furniture materials. While you refinishing your wooden furniture, you probably thinking about paint and stains. Thanks Kathryn for posting this amazing guide here.

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