10 Ways to Repurpose Used Dryer Sheets

It may surprise you to learn that dryer sheets have loads of useful applications around the house — making it easy to reuse them after they’ve done their job in the laundry room. Check out these 10 clever ways to repurpose used dryer sheets  from removing soap scum to repelling insects  that will reduce waste, save money and make common household chores easier than ever.

1. Dust less often

The antistatic properties of dryer sheets will actually repel dust, dirt and lint. So, dusting with dryer sheets means you may find yourself dusting a little less often.

Use a dryer sheet on common areas where dust builds up, such as television screens, glass computer screens, blinds and bookshelves. Your items will look shiny and dust-free, and they’ll stay that way longer than if you dusted with paper towels or cloths.

2. Freshen the house

Even after tumbling around in the dryer with your clothes, used sheets still have plenty of fragrance left in them to freshen up your home. Place them in closets, drawers, gym bags, laundry hampers and luggage for a fresh scent wherever you go.

3. Care for your car

A few used dryer sheets will also do wonders for a stale-smelling car. Just put a few under your seats and enjoy a pleasant scent that’s not overpowering.

While you’re at it, keep a few dryer sheets in a container in the glove compartment for wiping the dashboard and console.

4. Easily remove soap scum

Rubbing a dryer sheet over soap scum in the bathroom is surprisingly effective, especially on glass. So, the next time you notice a soap scum problem, try a slightly damp dryer sheet first to get the job done with less elbow grease.

5. Clean grimy pots and pans in a snap

Surprisingly, dryer sheets are great for removing stuck-on foods from pots, pans and cookware. Just fill the pan with hot water and place a sheet inside. Let it soak for about an hour, and washing should be far less of a chore.

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