SEE: Flooring Made From Vintage Leather Belts

TING flooring made from recycled belts

Looking to add a touch of vintage to your home? Skip the pricey antique shops and opt for some fab flooring that your friends will have to see to believe.

TING London, a U.K.-based manufacturer that also makes hammocks from upcycled seat belts, is selling bespoke flooring made from 100 percent recycled leather belts for an old-school-meets-new-school look that’s sure to spice up any home.

The high-grade vintage belts are stripped of their metals, hand-cleaned with chemical-free substances and re-worked to create an eye-catching, glossy and “hard-wearing” finish, the company said.

Belts are carefully hand-selected from local sources, according to the company, which has an assembly team in London for European distribution and in Los Angeles for sales in the states. Each tile is designed in-house, ensuring no two are exactly alike.

Available by the square foot, the tiles are also suitable for table and bar tops, walls and feature areas, as well as floors.

The best part about these chic leather tiles? TING will recycle belts from your flooring to make new tiles or even create another product for your home. Contact the company for pricing and delivery details.

Feature image: bespoke flooring tiles by TING London

Editor’s note: Broken links in this article were updated in December 2018.

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