The 5 Best Office Plants to Boost Your Productivity

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Source: Flickr/Paul Saad

Source: Flickr/Paul Saad

Plant at your own risk

Unless your workplace provides ideal growing conditions (and you have plenty of time to care for your plants), you may want to skip these picks at the office to avoid a sad floral fatality.

Succulents: Succulents need very little water, so they may seem low-maintenance at first. But these babies require plenty of sunlight for healthy growth. So, unless you’re lucky enough to have a window office, you may want to save this pick for your windowsill at home.

Tropical flowers: Tropical flowers like hibiscus and passion flower need bright, sunny conditions and plenty of water to thrive – making them a bit too fussy for most workplaces.

Wax plant: Wax plants are known for being low-maintenance, but they also require plenty of sun. So, they’re likely not ideal for your dimly-lit cubicle.

Butterfly palm and other dwarf palms: As tropical plants, these picks like plenty of water, lots of sunlight and high humidity – meaning they’re likely to brown in the office.

Ready to get started? Take your plants to the next level with a few of these rad reused planter ideas, and enjoy a stylish desk and better workplace wellness for year to come.

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  1. Found this article while looking for ways we can help our customers spruce up their cubicles. We’ll pass this information along in our blog at , thanks!

  2. Succulents actually need lots of water. Loads of the stuff. They do need full sun though so agree not desk-appropriate.

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