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Commercial laundry services have invested in sustainability during the past decade, developing an industry-wide certification program, TRSA Clean Green Certification, to encourage laundries to reduce the use of water and chemicals. Business owners who embrace environmentally friendly laundering services can make an even bigger impact on the planet by choosing uniform services that embrace Clean Green practices.

Small- and medium-sized businesses spend more than $10 billion a year on laundry service, including uniforms that must be replaced as they wear out. The reusable textiles movement has systematized textiles recycling to ensure that old uniforms find new life as paper or parts of new clothing.

Among the leaders in uniform services, Prudential Overall Supply introduced reusable textiles 86 years ago. Prudential was also an early recipient of TRSA Clean Green Certification. The company reduced its water use by 30 percent and energy use by 35 percent, while simultaneously taking 42 percent of its carbon emissions out of the cleaning process.

graph showing Prudential Overall Supply's reduction in CO2 emissions
Prudential Overall Supply has lowered its CO2 emissions by 42 percent. Image: Prudential Overall Supply

The dry cleaning industry traditionally used petroleum-based chemicals. In an effort to contribute to a healthier planet, the industry has shifted to new liquids based on eco-friendly materials. For instance, eco-friendly dry cleaning companies now use liquid CO2 and liquid silicone, which are environmentally benign. Liquid CO2 does not add carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and silicone breaks down into CO2, water, and sand.

If you run a business — whether a delivery company, restaurant, or hospital — your laundry expenses may be costing the Earth too much. Be sure to ask your laundry if they are TRSA Clean Green certified and to show their water reduction, energy usage, and carbon output data before signing a contract. If they don’t share this information, make a green choice and take your business elsewhere. Seek a laundry that emphasizes its commitment to green practices.

The Uniform Decision

Uniforms are the visual representation of your business. Often, they’re the first thing a customer sees and associates with your business. Therefore, companies want their workforce to look clean and attractive. The good impression made by a stylish uniform made with reusable textiles should be delivered responsibly. Uniform services need to provide a sufficiently large inventory of uniforms that fit, feature the logo patching of the company, and, we’d suggest, a label that confirms its ecological commitments.

“Since our company’s beginning in 1932, one thing that has remained the same is Prudential Overall Supply’s commitment to providing reusable textile products and services,” said Dan Clark, Chairman of Prudential Overall Supply. These reusable solutions have been instrumental in helping preserve the scarce resources that we all share.”

Reusable textiles are designed and managed to provide clean uniforms in a sustainable way. As uniforms wear out, Prudential Overall Supply keeps employees looking good with new uniforms. Business can take three approaches to acquire uniforms: leasing, renting, and purchasing. When you lease uniforms, your company and employees must launder their own uniforms, as opposed to rental and purchasing, which typically include complete laundry and replacement service.

Clean Green TRSA Certified logo
Ask your laundry vendor — or personal dry cleaner — if they are TRSA Clean Green certified.

Here are a few important questions to ask your next laundry vendor — the same questions are important to ask your personal dry cleaner:

  • Is the company TRSA Clean Green certified?
  • How much has your company reduced water and energy consumption since 2000?
  • How much has your company lowered carbon dioxide emissions since 2000?
  • Can I add my brand name, logo, or other patches to the clothing (and will replacement uniforms be prepared with these patches)?
  • How do my employees deal with fitting issues or replacements?
  • Can you guarantee your price and my satisfaction?

Putting the Green in Your Uniforms

Sustainability is becoming an essential business value, one that customers frequently include in their purchasing decisions. In a recent survey, 93 percent of Earth911 readers said they check sustainability information when shopping — a company’s uniforms should demonstrate those values, as well.

Though you may think of dry cleaners or commercial laundries primarily as high-capacity washing, Clean Green uniform rental and laundering services can work with your company to establish a consistently sustainable business. If you purchase environmentally harmful services, it will eventually become a brand negative, not to mention the damage it will cause the planet on which you and your customers live.

Turning to a TRSA-certified environmentally friendly uniform service is a responsible business decision, and it can even save money over time. How? Reusable textiles can be recycled, and the savings passed along to you.

“Today, reusable textiles continue to be a better environmental alternative compared to disposable products,” Prudential Overall Supply’s Dan Clark said. “This is especially true when comparing Prudential’s large-scale laundry process versus home wash.”

Sponsored Article: Brought to You by Prudential Overall Supply
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