Hunt for Glass Recycling, Win an iPod


Glass containers are 100 percent recyclable, can be recycled endlessly and recovered glass is used as the majority ingredient in new glass containers. Photo: auntjojo

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) has launched an online scavenger hunt to promote glass recycling. Participation in this free campaign could net you an iPod shuffle, $50 cash or other prizes. You’ll also learn and show off your knowledge on glass packaging and recycling.

One of the unique things about the scavenger hunt is that clues are presented on several different websites, including and the Race Across America website.

Each website stop offers a chance to learn facts about glass recycling, and then you answer a question about glass in order to advance. There are also social media and environmental footprint components to the hunt, providing the ultimate learning experience on the impact of recycling glass.

While Recycle Glass Week is not until September 12-18, GPI is getting a head start on the promotion. At next week’s Race Across America cycling event, GPI will provide booths at five different stops across the U.S. for attendees to recycle containers and ask questions about their local recycling programs.

“Cycling and recycling are both environmentally sound practices that encourage sustainability and health for people and our planet,” says Joseph Cattaneo, president of the Glass Packaging Institute.

He adds about the scavenger hunt, “The e-hunt educates people in a fun way about the environmental benefits of glass container recycling and will hopefully encourage people nationally and internationally to recycle more glass bottles and jars.”

Winners of the scavenger hunt will be announced during Recycle Glass Week, as well as the the 2010 Clear Choice Awards winners that recognize the key players in glass recycling promotion.

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