Recycle Reusable Bags for Charity

ChicoBag not only makes reusable shopping bags, but collects old reusable bags for reuse and recycling. Photo: ChicoBag

You bring your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store to cut down on all those single-use plastic bags. But what happens when you’ve stockpiled too many reusable bags or when your bags are worn-out and no longer usable?

ChicoBag, the Northern California maker of reusable bags, has a Repurposing Program that accepts all types of reusable shopping bags in any condition. ChicoBag donates usable bags to low-income families, so they can “start a reusable bag habit,” according to its website. The company sends unusable bags to The Grateful Thread to be woven and knit into colorful new products such as aprons, journals, rugs or new bags.

The Grateful Thread doesn’t just seek to conserve natural resources and help the environment. It provides job-training opportunities for victims of domestic violence in Schuylkill County, Penn., and all proceeds from the sale of its recycled products fund services to assist these victims.

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