Recycling, Upcycling Tips from Earth911 Twitter Followers


America Recycles Day was this past Friday, Nov. 15, and to celebrate, we joined the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) in a Twitter chat about our favorite topic: recycling. Here are some highlights from our hour-long conversation. Search #ScrapChat on Twitter to see the entire conversation.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Question 1: What are some of the biggest challenges you have when it comes to #recycling?

@JohnGilstrap Electronics recycling is difficult for individuals. No one wants to put personal data at the curb, and “recycle days” are few

@iScrapApp another problem we see a lot of places that DON’T publicize their electronic recycling. So public isn’t aware they can recycle it

@RMPUSA @ISRI Some challenges we’ve observed as a society are that people find sustainable practices inconvenient or expensive.

@Earth911 Recycled-content products can be a little more expensive, but there’s good reason for it:

@DurhamCoRecycle It can be difficult too when what is recyclable at home may not be recyclable at work, or in the next town over.

Question 2: How can we get more people to #recycle?

@ProspectMSchool Both in our middle school & high school we recycle in every classroom and we made QR code posters about recycling

@dalexands It’s all about convenience. The best way to get more people to recycle in public spaces is to add more recycling bins.

@ISRI We also need manufacturers to design products for #recycling. We are working on that

@RetireIT @ISRI I believe one way to promote proper recycling of electronics is by discussing importance of data and privacy protection

@KFWB_TX Teaching kids how to reduce, reuse, recycle at home. Happy America Recycles Day!

Question 3: What are some of your best recycling tips?

@iScrapApp USE A MAGNET! The best advice for metal recycling is using a magnet. Stick = Ferrous Metal & No Stick = Non-Ferrous

@recyclesday Tip: tear off the top half of your pizza box for recycling (if grease-free). Compost the bottom.

@WiseOnWaste Tip: Just b/c it’s recyclable doesn’t mean you have to toss it in the bin immediately. Reuse as much as possible, THEN recycle!

@DurhamCoRecycle Plastic bottles: empty the liquid, squeeze the bottle, and leave the caps on!

@Earth911 Another tip: If you can’t recycle something near you, try through the #mail:

Question 4: Before something is recycled, have you found useful ways to “upcycle” it to get the most out of an item?

@recyclesday @ISRI we like to #upcycle peanutbutter & salsa jars to hold spare change, flowers, etc! Also, #plastic tubs as tupperware!

@hilexpoly Here are some other ways plastic grocery bags can be reused:

@Earth911 Here’s the ultimate guide to upcycling old T-shirts:

@dalexands Reuse trumps recycling. It’s better to invest in reusable things than buying, using, and throwing away disposable ones daily.

Big thanks to @ISRI for moderating the productive discussion.

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