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Megan Dobransky

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One of the best things about having an online-only publication is the ability to have writers all over the country. This Earth Week, Earth911 staffers filled out a hyper-local questionnaire in their own words on the best events, from San Francisco, to Phoenix, to Philly.

Megan Dobransky, Resource Editor

Phoenix, Ariz.

Megan Dobransky

Q: What are you doing for Earth Day this year?

Megan Dobransky: I’m doing a lot for Earth911, especially through our partnership with FireSky Resort and Spa, which is here in Scottsdale. Specifically, I’ll be going to their expo and trade show on Thursday.

Q: What is your favorite green aspect of your city?

MD: I live very close to South Mountain Park and Preserve, so I go hiking there a lot. I see coyotes, rabbits, crazy birds and lizards every time I hike, and it’s basically across the street within a city environment. It’s considered the largest municipal park in the country, so that’s kind of cool, too.

Q: What is your most memorable environmental moment?

MD: This is really lame, but when I was 12, I was picked from my school to be a “guest anchor” at my local TV station. I reported on recycling initiatives in the town. Looking back, it was the beginning of my love for journalism and the environment.

Q: What is your tip for readers on how they can keep Earth Day alive, even after April 22?

MD: Being green can be overwhelming, but it’s really just about being conscientious and thoughtful in what you do and what you buy. You don’t have to recycle everything you own, or use only biodegradable soap, or compost all of your food scraps, but do something. Do what you can on a daily basis, because those things all add up.

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