This Kitchen Fantasy You Just Have To Read


My time in the kitchen often reads like that famous Thomas Hobbes quote – nasty, brutish and short.

Sometimes, however, I dream.  I pretend that if I had more beautiful things in my kitchen, I would be transformed into Julia Child. Meal prep would be simple! My life would unfold like the glossy pages of a best-selling cookbook!

In these fantasies (where even still, no real cooking gets done) my kitchen is filled with useful, eco-friendly food prep tools, I never order pizza, and a typical evening looks a little something like this:

I walk in the door with a basket full of fresh fruits and veggies from our trip to the Farmer’s market, where my daughter did not throw anything at my head or refuse to wear her shoes. I head to the kitchen to start preparing our meal, and she goes quietly to her room where she picks up her secondhand copy of “Black Beauty” and begins to read.

Preserve colander

Available at the Earth911 store, Preserve’s eco-friendly colanders are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials.

I gently place all of the fruit I bought into a cheerful red recycled-plastic colander. It’s BPA and toxin free, and recyclable to boot.  I wash them with the with the Honest company’s fruit and veggie wash – and in a few moments, my sinkful of honeycrisp apples is squeaky clean and free of dust, germs and wax. I smile serenely.

I pick up my basket of potatoes, and just as I’m grabbing my handy-dandy potato brush –  it’s made from bamboo and recycled plastic, and its stiff bristles are fabulous for getting every last speck of dirt of those yummy new potatoes – there’s a knock on the door.

‘Why, Ryan Gosling!” I cry, (we’ve known each other for ages, but he still likes to be called by his full name.) “What on earth are you doing here?”

He tells me he’s here to cook me dinner. Again.  I feel slightly guilty accepting, but he insists! What’s a lady to do? He puts on an apron and picks up right where I left off, grabbing the ring vegetable brush and using its soft bristles to scrub the pile of zucchinis, radishes, and onions.

As I lounge in front of the fireplace which has somehow appeared in my living room, Ryan uses my cutting board – made in the USA from post-consumer material, BPA free – to chop the veggies and a handful of fresh herbs. Which herbs? Who cares. Yummy ones.

Dill? Sure, that sounds right.

Next he uses one of my Preserve mixing bowls to toss the veggies and herbs with  olive oil, before popping them into the oven.

As I take a brief nap, the kitchen gets cleaned. Delicious scents fill the air. My daughter appears to tell me she has done all the laundry and has not given my favorite plants any more haircuts. We feast.


(OK, this scenario is unbelievably unlikely, but a girl can dream! Each and every one of the Eco-friendly food prep tools I mentioned, however, is very real indeed and available at the Earth911 store*Ryan Gosling not included.)

Feature image courtesy of designbuildinhabit

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Madeleine Somerville

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