Are Paperless Receipts the Future in Retail?


Tired of paper receipts clogging your wallet or purse? Is waiting for a new roll of paper to be added to the cash register slowing your shopping momentum?

No more lost receipts: emailing receipts may be the future for retail customers.

No more lost receipts: Emailing receipts may be the future for retail customers.

TransactionTree recently released a breakthrough paperless receipt service, to help with these and other problems related to paper receipts. Through the system, retailers will now have the ability to offer the option of email receipts to their customers, rather than paper copies. Now, you won’t have to remember where you put your receipt if you want to return an item – it’s already in your inbox.

“Now more than ever, people are looking for the little things they can do during their day-to-day lives to help the environment, and choosing an electronic receipt is one simple way they can save our planet one transaction at a time,” said Jason Shapior, TransactionTree CEO and co-founder.

TransactionTree’s email option integrates with most existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, meaning existing equipment can be used on the system. The service also enables retailers to track customer shopping trends, create additional avenues for direct marketing, as well as aid in reduction of overhead spending by eliminating receipt paper expenses.

The paperless receipt system is also a way for a company to establish their image as a green retailer by eliminating the paper and ink receipt process and reducing their impact on the environment.

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