Graffiti Collective Transforms Spray Cans into Works of Art



Travel to any busy graffiti zone around the world and chances are you’ll spot empty spray cans in close proximity.

A new graffiti art collective known as CANLOVE is transforming these discarded spray paint cans into vivid works of art.

“Most graffiti artists are more worried about fleeing the scene of their art than they are with the environmental impact of their medium,” CANLOVE says on their website.

Due to the toxic nature of residual spray paint, these cans are rarely recycled, the group says, and it can take years before they are hauled off to landfills.


CANLOVE, founded by graffiti artist DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez,  runs a global graffiti recycling program from their design studio in Venice, Calif., where they collect and process spray cans sent to them from around the world. The group also maintains a spray can drop-off location in Long Island City, New York.

Although the group is dedicated to keeping spray cans out of landfills, CANLOVE  says its primary mission is to honor the special place that spray cans have in graffiti culture. To this end, the group has organized workshops to help others experiment with the process of recycling spray paint cans, and their sustainable art works have been exhibited in major art shows in San Fransisco and Miami.

Learn more about the work CANLOVE is doing on their website.

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