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So, you have the daunting task of painting your living room. After tarping the furniture and taping off the corners and doorways, you’re ready to roll! But what about those mishaps that can leave a taupe colored stain on your cream carpet or hardwood floor? This is where the stain remover comes in.

But instead of making two separate purchases for paint and remove, Boomerang Recycled Paint and Winning Colours Stain Remover teamed up to save you time and money (not to mention packaging).


Although latex paint is less harmful than oil-based paint to the environment and public health, all types of paint should be handled and disposed of properly. Photo:

By offering a four-ounce bottle of stain remover with a gallon of the eco-friendly recycled paint in an “Eco Duo Pack,” the companies are marketing the products together so that people can make a mess and be able to quickly and effectively clean it up.

According to its Web site, Winning Brands Corporation says that its product, Winning Colours Stain Remover, is an “environmentally sensitive product” that biodegrades quicker than most other common household and industrial cleaners.

As for Boomerang Recycled Paint, the company reclaims paint from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain remains, lessening the need to harvest the raw materials and consume the energy needed to produce new paint.

One thing to keep in mind about paint is that it is considered a household hazardous waste. So, buy the correct amount you need and remember to property store the leftovers or use a local HHW program to recycle it.

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  1. I’ve heard recycled paint is usually only available in a few, neutral colors because of the way it’s mixed. Boomerang appears to have plenty of selection, as well as recycled stains.

  2. Winning Colors stain remover works like nothing else, tried on on my carpet that had some dried paint from a while back. took that stain right out, im convinced!

  3. I am very familiar with Winning Colours stain remover. Here are my youtube videos proving on what this product can do. I have never seen anything like it.

    I put this product to the test by using my own belongings to prove how well it works. It’s just not for stains and paint clean up. I will take a empty squirt bottle ad 2 ounces of Winning Colours approx fill the rest of the bottle with water. Now you just made a eco friendly all purpose cleaner for far less than a dollar.

  4. Hello Haley,
    Thanks for the article. Good info.

    This comment: “One thing to keep in mind about paint is that it is considered a household hazardous waste,” needs some additional clarification.

    Oil-based and solvent based paints and thinners are considered hazardous. Latex (water-based) paints are NOT considered hazardous waste. Just do not wash the latex paint down the storm sewer. Try to purchase only the amount of paint you need. Then take the left-over paint to your local city based environmental recycling center. If you choose to keep some of the latex for touch-ups then put a piece of plastic wrap over the can opening, put lid on now and store the can upside down.

    More paint info available on

  5. When I read the title of this article, I realized I had never thought of painting as something that could have a negative effect on the environment. Now I understand how important every aspect of life impacts our world. Thanks.

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