How to Make a Fabric Rosette

Photo: Flickr/TinyApartmentCrafts

Photo: Flickr/TinyApartmentCrafts

Whether used in a vase as a centerpiece at a party, secured to a headband or scattered around your house as ambient décor, fabric rosettes are a good way to instantly prettify almost anything. And best of all, once you get the hang of making them, they’re easy to crank out.

Ready to learn how? Watch our tutorial:

To recap, all you really need is some fabric, scissors to cut the fabric and a hot glue gun.

Start with a strip of fabric. The longer it is, the bigger your rosette will be. Don’t worry too much about cutting the strip of fabric in a straight line — rosettes are forgiving when it comes to imperfections.

Roll the fabric a few times. Then take the fabric and twist and tuck underneath the roll you’ve created. Continue to twist and tuck underneath while holding the middle of the rosette with your thumb. Use hot glue on the inside of the folds as you go along to keep everything in place.

At the end, you’ll have a “tail” on the back side of the rosette. You can glue it to the bottom, add a circular piece of fabric to cover it up, or leave it on and attach a stem to it.

Buttons or pearls can be added to the center for extra flair.

That’s it for this quick, simple and versatile project. Experiment with different fabrics, as each will provide a different look. Craft on!

Burlap rosettes liven up a windowsill. Photo: Haley Shapley

Burlap rosettes liven up a windowsill. Photo: Haley Shapley

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