LG Thinks 'Life's Good When It's Green'

LG Electronics recently announced the foundation of its global sustainability program, “Life’s Good When it’s Green.”

The Skycharger uses renewable energy to charge up to 104 phones simultaneously. - LG Electronics

The Skycharger uses renewable energy to charge up to 104 phones simultaneously. - LG Electronics

The worldwide program will focus on sustainability through a number of facets through design and products, reduction of hazardous materials, responsible electronics recycling and addressing global climate change, according to LG’s President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Woo Paik.

“With Life’s Good When it’s Green, we’re focusing on environmentally sustainable solutions, developing Eco-Designs and distributing Eco-Products to help create a safer, cleaner world,” said Paik. “We are committed to establishing clear operational accountability and creating products that not only enhance consumers’ lives, but also encourage an environmentally responsible lifestyle.”

Of the global components of the plan, LG will feature initiatives such as:

  • Eco-Design – LG’s Eco-Design strategy works to reduce the environmental impact of a product’s development, production and circulation. It also improves efficiency of resources, recycling and reducing hazardous materials.
  • Eco-Products – LG’s Eco-Products from HDTVs to clothes washers use the Eco-Designmaking them resource and energy-efficient, and generating less waste. In products, LG intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of its products by 30 megatons by 2020.
  • Manufacturing – The company hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 150 kilotons per year by 2020.
  • Take-Back & Recycling – LG Electronics has established several take-back programs and recycling facilities, allowing consumers to return end-of-life products. According to the company, products are recycled in a responsible manner.

In the U.S., LG’s “Life’s Good When it’s Green” initiatives range from energy-efficient products to  nationwide recycling programs, like:

  • Energy Star 3.0 – LG’s 2009 HDTVs are designed to achieve the new Energy Star 3.0 rating and incorporate energy saving features. The new Energy Star ratings measure active power consumption for the first time, making the company’s TVs 30 percent more efficient than non-qualified models.
  • LG Electronics Recycling Program – LG Electronics teamed up with Waste Management Inc. to collect, transport and recycle consumer electronics products. The program is a free way of recycling used, unwanted, obsolete or damaged LG consumer electronic products by dropping them off at a designated Waste Management eCycling Center, available in all 50 states.
  • LG Skycharger – The first of its kind in the U.S. and debuting at CES, the Skycharger provides a fast and secure place to charge mobile phones made by most major manufacturers. The charging station is self-sustaining, running on wind and solar power and can recharge up to 104 mobile phones per hour. Any unused energy is stored in its battery bank.

More details of the plan will be released as it is unveiled by Paik at the CES later this week.

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    An idea: it would be really neat if, when, companies like LC “Life is good when it’s green” in this issue, would kick off with those words on a transparent sticker of some sort–bumper sticker? circle? inside or around the ecology symbol? Then, we could stick them on our cars– and if Earth911 ‘s email or something was printed on it, maybe it would help spread the word.
    Keep up the good work.

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