Artist Makes Intricate Sculptures from Old Hubcaps

hubcap, sculpture, art

Photo: Ptolemy Elrington

Many artists incorporate upcycled items into their work, but some artists choose some truly unique materials. Ptolemy Elrington, an artist from Brighton, England, uses old hubcaps to make sculptures of creatures like fish, birds and other animals. Elrington has been making the sculptures for the past 13 years and he finds most of the hubcaps on the side of the road.

With his work, Elrington hopes to make viewers rethink what we waste and what we value. Hubcaps, he explains on his website, serve a largely aesthetic purpose and once discarded have little use. By using them as a medium for art, Elrington finds a way to give purpose to something that is otherwise considered trash.

Click through to see a selection of Ptolemy Elrington’s work.

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