Reuse Design Challenge: Craft a Camera Strap

Entry No. 3: DIY Skinny Belt Camera Strap

Photo: Rinchen Dé, High on DIY

Photo: Rinchen Dé/High on DIY

This highly fashionable entry comes from Rinchen Dé of the blog High on DIY.

: “Skinny belts are a versatile item in the wardrobe and they come in so many beautiful designs and colors. I had several of them lying around in the closet, and I was looking for creative ways to use them. They worked out perfectly as a camera strap! Not only are they prettier than the regular straps that you get with your camera, you can adjust the length just like a belt to carry it on one shoulder, across the body or just wrapped around your wrist. The DIY takes less than 10 minutes and since you don’t need to alter or cut the skinny belt in any way, the next time you need the belt for an outfit, you can easily take it off the camera! Now when you are out with your camera, you can style the straps to go with your outfit!”

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