Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner (November 26th, to be exact), which means lots of family time and delicious food. As advocates for sustainability and eco-conscious practices, we are always trying our hardest to find new ways to bring these habits into our everyday lives, and holidays are no exception.

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Whether you are wanting to add a few eco-friendly touches to your home decor or are simply looking for some tips on how to help you plan a sustainable – and guilt-free – Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered.

  • Adopt-a-Turkey – Regardless of whether or not you are having turkey on Thanksgiving, we encourage you to look into your city’s adopt-a-turkey program. Many turkeys and other lucky farm animals are rescued from inhumane conditions or poorly operated farms via this program and your support is greatly appreciated.
  • Eat Local – No matter what you are cooking for Thanksgiving, check out your local farmer’s market and see how much of your meal you can purchase. Using seasonal items and locally grown produce, turkey, and other items is a great way to be sustainable this holiday season.
  • Clean Your Plate – Disturbingly, the average American wastes $600 in food every single year. So instead of tossing all those Thanksgiving leftovers into the trash, try composting them. Composting is super simple and creates all kinds of great and useful organic matter, which will help your garden thrive come spring.
  • Skip the Paper Products – It can be attractive to use paper plates and utensils when feeding a large group of people, but this is extremely wasteful. Instead, look for an option that is better for the environment (such as these Preserve plates) but won’t leave you with a headache and a sink full of dirty dishes.
  • Clean Green – When it comes time to clean up after a big Thanksgiving Day celebration, make sure you are using cleaning products that won’t harm the environment, or your guests. There are plenty of natural cleaning products on the market today like this floor cleaner that will allow you to keep your home super clean after a big celebration – without all those nasty chemicals!

If you have any other tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving Day celebration, we’d love to hear them! Like many of you, this is one of our favorite holidays, and it is even more enjoyable when we take the time to make smart and sustainable choices.

Feature image courtesy of JD Hancock

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