10 Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles and Corks

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Wine bottle tumblers

Image courtesy of re-modern.com

Wine-bottle tumblers

Aleah and Nick Valley, the husband-and-wife duo behind the blog Valley & Co., will show you how to transform glass bottles from your recycling bin into elegant cocktail tumblers in five simple steps.

Note: The Seattle-based couple used a few household materials, some know-how and an inexpensive glass-cutting tool kit to complete this project. You may see tutorials on the Web for creating similar tumblers without a glass cutter, but these methods are often ill-advised (blow torches, anyone?).

So, if you like the look of these bottle drinking glasses, do yourself a favor and invest in a handy glass-cutting tool. They typically retail for about $40 online and will help you create upcycled glassware for years to come.

To give it a try so you’re ready for your next at-home happy hour, head to Valley & Co.

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