Replace Your Cosmetics with These Eco-Friendly Alternatives


Research shows that the average woman applies as many as 515 chemicals in her daily grooming and makeup routine. These potentially toxic additives can not only harm human health, but also pose problems for the environment in the form of PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products as pollutants).

The EPA notes the problem of PPCPs, saying chemicals associated with pharmaceuticals and personal care products are proven to be present in our water supply – mostly as a result of normal human activity such as showering. So, with a little help from the Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep database, Earth911 rounded up these 10 safe, nontoxic and eco-friendly replacements for common cosmetics and beauty products. Read on to clean up your beauty routine, keep harmful chemicals off your skin and help prevent PPCPs from entering the environment.

Editor’s Note: EWG’s SkinDeep® database scores products on a scale of 1-10 based on the known hazards associated with ingredients listed on labels. Products scored from 0-2 are considered “low hazard,” while products ranked 7-10 are classified as “high hazard.”


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