Handbook on Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

A decade ago it was hard to find eco-friendly cleaners on your grocer’s shelf. Now, stores are flooded with them – non-toxic, naturally-derived and using recycled and recyclable packaging.

We wanted to know more about the companies behind the green cleaner revolution. Many have been in business for decades, while others are fairly new to the space. But all of them have something to say about their sustainability initiatives and their hope for a cleaner future.

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  1. How about Seventh Generation products? What information do you know about their products in relation to your green cleaner revolution?

  2. Clorox GreenWorks is known to test on animals! If it isn’t kind to EVERYTHING on the planet in its production, then why count it? Obviously, it’s impossible to have 0 impact on a commercial level, but it’s so easy NOT to test on animals I don’t think they should be recommended.

  3. OnlyGreen is a Canadian company with an outstanding 6 point selection criteria for there products so they are green from ingrediants/manufactoring to disposal. AND the products really work. The cleaners and laundry soaps are just amazing! I find products like Green Works don’t work and they stink.

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