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Clorox Green Works

Clorox Green Works has a whole line of products that are naturally derived and use sustainable packaging when possible. David Kargas, Sr. Group manager of Public Relations, talks green initiatives.

Green Works cleaners is a product line of The Clorox Company, which employs more than 8,000 employees nationwide.

Green Works cleaners at facilities throughout the United States.

Kargas: “Green Works naturally-derived cleaners started as a side project among a handful of enthusiasts. People within our research and development and marketing functions wanted to demonstrate that they could make naturally derived cleaners that cleaned as well as a conventional cleaner. When they not only did that, but also showed that they could make them at a small price premium – less than 20 percent over conventional products – people took notice internally and Green Works was born.”

Kargas: “Green Works products are in recyclable packaging. When people purchase a natural product, it’s not just about the ingredients in the bottle. They expect that product to meet some core values – including being placed in recyclable packaging and not being tested on animals. We meet those criteria.”

Kargas: “Green Works is the brand that really proved that there is a market for naturally derived cleaners. In fact, within one year of our launch, we doubled the size of the natural cleaning category. The reason is that we understand that the two main concerns for a natural product consumer are similar to the main concerns of conventional consumers: performance and price. If a natural product works as a well as a conventional one and is priced competitively – no more than a 20 percent price premium – people will give that product a try.”

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  1. What about BioKleen products? I was sorry not to see them listed and that’s what I buy.

  2. How about Seventh Generation products? What information do you know about their products in relation to your green cleaner revolution?

  3. Clorox GreenWorks is known to test on animals! If it isn’t kind to EVERYTHING on the planet in its production, then why count it? Obviously, it’s impossible to have 0 impact on a commercial level, but it’s so easy NOT to test on animals I don’t think they should be recommended.

  4. OnlyGreen is a Canadian company with an outstanding 6 point selection criteria for there products so they are green from ingrediants/manufactoring to disposal. AND the products really work. The cleaners and laundry soaps are just amazing! I find products like Green Works don’t work and they stink.

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