Handbook on Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

Simple Green

Simple Green is one of the oldest “green” cleaning companies in the U.S., in business since the 1970s, and was one of the first to develop biodegradable, not-toxic, non-flammable and non-abrasive cleaners for consumers. Carol Chapin, vice president of Research and Development, gives a rundown of the company.

Simple Green qualifies as a small business with regard to employees, but not with regard to annual sales volume – which is below $100 million.

Most of the product line is produced in California and Georgia. The company tends to prefer bi-coastal production in order to minimize shipping distances to our biggest customers.

Chapin: “Simple Green has been around for over 35 years and makes over 70 different products.”

Chapin: “We do not. We currently package most everything in either PET or HDPE containers – both of which are fully recyclable. Most of our plastic packaging contains 25 percent post-consumer content. Our corrugate averages 20 percent to 50 percent post-consumer content, and that content is typically dictated by the product load in the box, carton or display. While we’d love to utilize 100 percent recycled content for both plastics and corrugate, we have found problems with container integrity, cost and consistent supply for the 100 percent options.”

Chapin: “The president of our company and his father developed a cleaner over 35 years ago that replaced some really nasty chemicals in the workplace. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner has replaced benzene, toluene, trichloroethylene and may other hazardous chemicals over the years. We were at the forefront of aqueous technology and spent over $3 million in independent laboratory research to support the safety, health and environmental claims for the Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.”

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  1. What about BioKleen products? I was sorry not to see them listed and that’s what I buy.

  2. How about Seventh Generation products? What information do you know about their products in relation to your green cleaner revolution?

  3. Clorox GreenWorks is known to test on animals! If it isn’t kind to EVERYTHING on the planet in its production, then why count it? Obviously, it’s impossible to have 0 impact on a commercial level, but it’s so easy NOT to test on animals I don’t think they should be recommended.

  4. OnlyGreen is a Canadian company with an outstanding 6 point selection criteria for there products so they are green from ingrediants/manufactoring to disposal. AND the products really work. The cleaners and laundry soaps are just amazing! I find products like Green Works don’t work and they stink.

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