5 Oils from Your Kitchen You Can Add to Your Beauty Routine

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Instead of going out and purchasing new toiletries and cosmetics next time you run out, consider heading to the pantry instead. Some oils regularly used in cooking can help condition dry, damaged hair while others can serve as facial moisturizers or even help protect you from the sun.

Click through to learn how you can add some of the oils you usually eat to your beauty routine to benefit your health.

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Olive oil makes a good moisturizer for sensitive skin. Photo: Shutterstock

Olive Oil

You’ve probably heard that olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, but it is also a good moisturizer for sensitive skin, according to the Loyola University Health System. They’ve found that olive oil is gentle enough that it is even appropriate for infant skin care.

Olive oil is a skin conditioning and cleansing agent, and you can use it on both your skin and hair. Tsh at the blog Simple Mom explains the method she uses for washing her face with olive oil, and Crunchy Betty, a blog dedicated to trying out natural beauty tips, offers advice for how to treat dry hair with it.

If you plan to try using oil for cleansing your skin, keep in mind that some people love this method and others don’t, so it may be worth consulting with an expert about your skin type or doing some additional research ahead of time.

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