Canvas Photo-Printing Company Turns Waste into Wallets


CanvasPop’s upcycled wallets are made from scrap canvas. Photo: CanvasPop

Since its founding in 2009, CanvasPop, a web-based company that will turn your photos into printed canvas art, has printed 280,000 canvases for its customers. The company, which is passionate about producing high-quality prints, works with professional photographers and amateurs alike.

Along with all those printed photos comes a fair amount of wasted canvas, but CanvasPop has come up with a unique way to prevent wasted material from becoming trash. The company turns scrap canvas into eye-catching wallets, which they sell on their website for $19 or $24. All proceeds from the sale of the wallets go to charity: water, an organization that helps provide people in need with safe, clean drinking water.

In a video on its website, CanvasPop explains how the Remade wallet project came about. As the company’s volumes increased, its waste also increased — thousands of photos are submitted each week for printing, and if a print doesn’t turn out perfectly, it has to be reprinted. CanvasPop wanted to do something about this waste material, so the idea for wallets emerged.

Two different types of wallets are available: “Featured Art” and “Surprise Me.” For the first type, CanvasPop fills in the white space left between photos when they’re printed on a roll with photos by artists. By filling in this formerly blank space and using the canvas for wallets, canvas waste has been reduced by 8 percent. The featured artists receive royalties from the sale of the wallets, too. The “Surprise Me” wallets come from photographs that are flawed or damaged during the production process, and CanvasPop contacts the customer who ordered the photo to get permission to use it for wallet-making. Both types of wallets help CanvasPop reduce waste and donate money to charity.

To learn more and to purchase a Remade wallet, visit the CanvasPop website.

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