1 Pair of Green Jeans Keeps 10 Water Bottles from Landfills

Dirtball Green Jean

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There’s nothing dirty about Dirtball, which makes clean, green apparel for men  — and now, they’ve added jeans to the mix.

The North Carolina-based apparel company has been creating what it calls “100 percent eco-friendly clothing” since 2008 — and lightening the load in the landfills in the process. The company’s line of recycled cotton and polyester gear has grown to include T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, beanies, hoodies, shorts, and socks.

In September 2013, the company expanded its line by adding the Green Jean to its offerings. A Kickstarter campaign successfully raised more than $40,000 to help Dirtball launch the line of eco-friendly jeans, which are made from a combination of recycled pre-consumer cotton and between eight and 10 water bottles. 

Dirtball founder and CEO Joe Fox estimates that every 100,000 pairs of jeans they make diverts about 900,000 water bottles from landfills.

All the Dirtball apparel is made in the United States — and made at least partially from recycled plastic water bottles. For example, a T-shirt is made from seven 16-ounce bottles, and each polo shirt represents nine bottles that won’t make it to the landfill. Hoodies and shorts are particularly good for the environment, with a standard hoodie using up to 45 water bottles, and the shorts — which are built for active performance like biking, mountain climbing and skating — each saving about 40 bottles. Shirts are printed with water-based or thiolate-free ink, and every 100,000 T-shirts they make keeps about 14,000 pounds of cotton scrap from being dumped.

The cotton used in Dirtball products is recycled pre-consumer product, which eliminates the manual labor and the land use required for conventionally grown cotton.

Learn more about the Dirtball Green Jean in their video:

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