Accessories Upcycled from CDs, Records and Musical Instruments

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Photo: Etsy user MissCourageous

Fretboard Belt Buckle by Miss Courageous

Eventually instruments like guitars reach the end of their usable lives, but then what happens to them? It turns out some of them get transformed into trendy belt buckles like these made by Millie Hilgert of the Etsy shop Miss Courageous.

Hilgert crafts all sorts of “pop jewelry and accessories” using pieces of guitars, Legos, vinyl records, wine corks and even board games.

She assures her customers that the guitars used to make these belt buckles were damaged beyond repair, so no one is missing out on the opportunity to play those instruments. Plus, the imperfections that come along with using vintage materials just add to the buckle’s character.

Currently, Hilgert is selling her accessories at art and music festivals, and more of these buckles should return to her Etsy shop in the near future.


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