Accessories Upcycled from CDs, Records and Musical Instruments

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Photo: Upbeat Jewellery

Tribal Violin Peg Necklace by Upbeat Jewellery

When you wear jewelry made from upcycled instruments, you’re wearing a story, according to Wesla Bay Weller of Upbeat Jewellery. Weller incorporates pieces of instruments like cymbals, guitar pegs and violin pegs into her earrings and necklaces, meaning they bring with them the stories of the musicians who once played those instruments.

This violin tuning peg necklace has an African-inspired look and also incorporates jasper beads and a black leather cord. Each necklace is made to order, so no two are exactly alike.

To see more instrument-inspired looks, visit Upbeat Jewellery.

Price: $80


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