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Photo: Wear Your Music

Guitar String Rings by Wear Your Music

Everybody likes a product with a story, right? Wear Your Music, a company that makes guitar string bracelets from the strings of famous musicians like Sara Bareilles, Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson and Carlos Santana, sells plenty of products with stories. Each of the bracelets in their Artist Bracelet project uses the old guitar strings of a celebrity along with recycled silver to create simple yet unique jewelry. 100% of the net profits from the sale of each bracelet goes to the charity of the musician’s choosing.

Now Wear Your Music also creates rings from used guitar strings to go along with their bracelets. The rings are made from generic recycled strings and come in black, red and silver.

If you’re looking for a guitar string bracelet made from generic strings, Wear Your Music has that, too, so visit their website for more info.

Price: $4.95


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