Another Reason to Love the Pacific Coast: An Eco Alliance

Photo: Shutterstock

Washington state is part of the new Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy. Photo: Shutterstock

From the snow-capped mountains of Vancouver to the sustainable microbreweries of Portland, the Pacific Coast has a lot to offer eclectic earth lovers. And just like the pioneers who paved the way through uncharted Western territory hundreds of years before them, West Coast leaders are about to take a progressive step to ensure a greener tomorrow.

California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia have joined forces to create an environmental superpower. On Oct. 28, the three states and Canadian province signed an agreement to form an eco-friendly alliance aimed at lowering carbon emissions. One of the many goals of the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy is to guarantee that at least 10 percent of all vehicle purchases are zero-emission by 2016.

Just when we thought the land of independent bookstores and food truck parks couldn’t get any cooler — or greener — it proves us wrong once again!

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