This Travel Gear Has A Road-Worn Past

Green Guru Travel Kit

Most traveling takes planning. With the proper amount of planning, the journey can be – well, all about the journey and not about the coulda-shoulda-wouldas. If you’re traveling, you’re likely going to bringing along a few essentials and you’re going to need something to carry those essentials in.  Enter travel gear.

Even if you live a pristinely green lifestyle at home, habits often take a turn in the other direction during times of travel. Sometimes it feels nice to take a carefree approach and forget the green routine you stick to at home. Other times it’s just downright hard to keep the same habits while on the road.

Fortunately, as the green movement grows, more and more companies are forming to make green living easier. Green Guru is one of those companies. They came together through their passion for adventure and the great outdoors to create products to make travel greener.  All of their travel gear is made from upcycled materials in the USA.

We found the lifestyle we lead generates considerable amounts of gear waste and we could do something about it. Today we painstakingly hand build our gear from high quality new and upcycled materials to our exacting specifications. We affect real change in our industry. We do all of this for our friends who follow a greener path keeping our favorite environments clean and open.

Eco-friendly travel kit by Green Guru

This eco-friendly travel kit/shave bag is a modern version of an old classic.

One of the travel gear products offered by Green Guru is an eco-friendly travel kit and shave bag available at the Earth911 store. Everyone that travels knows that a good travel bag is key for keeping your personal care products organized on the road.

This unique, weather-proof bag is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes and has a single, zippered compartment. The liner of this green travel kit is made from 100% recycled PETE fabric, so you know your clothing and other belongings will be kept safe and clean, even if your bottle of shampoo explodes everywhere inside your travel kit. It is a convenient way to store and travel with toiletries, electronics, or cosmetics.

Earth911 community member Rae had this to say about the travel kit – ‘These travel bags are so lightweight, durable, and awesome! It is amazing what you can take and make something new!’

The Green Guru travel kit is machine washable and easy to maintain. If you are seeking an eco-friendly travel bag, you’ll want to consider the Green Guru travel kit.

Now you’re not only a green guru, you’re a travel guru too.

Check out the full line of Green Guru products at the Earth911 store here.

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