Used Tires Get New Life with Quest Recycling

Old tires for recycling

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Several major companies have announced their plans to produce zero waste. While the initiatives are a great step forward, who really takes care of the waste and carries out the plan? Quest Recycling Services is the key middle man in these corporate schemes. Quest will be teaming up with Wal-Mart in its zero waste by 2025 plan.

Quest Recycling will divert waste from landfills at all cost. For example, Quest may take an old tire and turn it into usable mulch for Wal-Mart to repackage and sale.

According to Quest’s CEO Brian Dick, millions of tires fill acres of landfill space every year. However, Quest is alleviating this growing problem by coming up with new purpose for these tires.

“The process is simple,” Dick says. “You come into a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club to the Tire & Lube Express. Your tire comes off your car and that’s probably the last time you think about it.”

Dick also notes that closed-loop recycling is making a huge impact on the U.S. Quest will pick up the used tires from Wal-Mart and create mulch that will carry a 10-year color warranty. Along with tires, Quest will also recycle motor oil and oil filters.

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