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dirty and clean power generation

Is Your Energy Source Sustainable? How To Find Out

Are you environmentally conscious? Do you try to minimize your ...Earth911October 14, 2019

Make Your Own Kokedama String Garden

Kokedama string gardens are a centuries-old art form where a ...Earth911October 14, 2019
Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

Earth911 Podcast, Oct. 7, 2019: Hydrofluorocarbons, Bad Water, and Fall Gardening

The Earth911 gang is back at the microphone to talk ...Earth911October 14, 2019
man in car just spilled coffee on white T-shirt

Infographic: Eco-Friendly Stain Removers

Staining your clothes can be frustrating — especially if they’re ...Earth911October 11, 2019

Earth911 Inspiration: Langston Hughes

Playwright and poet Langston Hughes reminds us to see the ...Earth911October 11, 2019
people grasping hands with recycling symbol superimposed

Earth911 Quiz #74: Recycling Progress News Challenge

The U.S. recycling industry continues to grow according to the ...Earth911October 10, 2019
worker cleaning car with soapy sponge at car wash

Wash Your Car With Earth-Friendly Results

Many people don’t realize that washing our cars in the ...Earth911October 10, 2019
woman in store reading label on cardboard box

Can Product Labels Help Us Make Eco-Friendly Purchases?

Shopping can be a very challenging task for the eco-minded. ...Sarah LozanovaOctober 9, 2019
woman packing clothes to move and donate

Maven Moment: Moving Day

I remember the day that my family moved out of ...Earth911October 9, 2019
Woman applying eco-friendly makeup

Smart Tips for Buying ‘Green’ Makeup

There are many reasons why you should consider buying eco-friendly ...Earth911October 9, 2019
bare feet in wildflowers

Sustainable Alternative Lawns

The suburban lawn is a potent symbol of the American ...Gemma AlexanderOctober 8, 2019

We Earthlings: 90 Companies Account for 2/3 of Global CO2 Emissions

Did you know only 90 companies account for two-thirds of ...Earth911October 8, 2019

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